Residential Electric Panels

South West Florida Residential Electrical Panel Services

Over time, the electrical panels in your home will need to be upgraded or even replaced completely, and this is not a job that should ever be undertaken in a DIY capacity. We have electricians available who are highly experienced, qualified and appropriately licensed that will be able to perform panel upgrades and/or replacements in your home.

Your home’s electrical panel is responsible for delivering a consistent supply of power to each of your appliances and electronic gadgets 24/7, and over time, its components are subject to wear and tear. This can result in unexpected power tripping or surges that will cause serious damage or even cause a fire to break out.

A Faulty Electric Panel Can Be Very Dangerous

When assessing your property, our electricians will determine the size of the panel needed to run your appliances and electronics safely without the risk of overloading any circuits. Once you’ve approved our estimate, our team will get to work and upgrade your existing panel or install a complete new unit if needed. Get in touch with us today if your home’s electrical panel requires an upgrade or full replacement.