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Why a Home Generator is Crucial during Florida’s Hurricane Season

Although many homeowners think that purchasing and installing a generator on their properties is an unnecessary expense, the truth is that these devices can provide a virtual lifeline during hurricane season. Here are some reasons why you should install a generator on your property.

Keep your Family Comfortable

If you lose power, your home’s air-conditioning will stop working and conditions inside the property will become humid and unpleasant very quickly. Installing an appropriately sized generator can help keep your family comfortable until such time as power has been restored.

Security won’t be Compromised

When the power goes out, your home alarm system will only operate for as long as its back-up battery is able to last – usually only a few hours at most. A generator can keep your home security system and lighting operating, which will prevent you from becoming a crime statistic during an outage.

Don’t Lose Valuable Work Time

As more and more individuals re now working from home, it’s become necessary to have a constant source of power for items like phones, computers and other electronics to keep functioning. The generators of today are able to keep items such as these running for a few consecutive days if required.

Don’t Waste Food

One of the biggest losses experienced by homeowners when power outages occur is that of the perishable items in their freezers and refrigerators. Hooking these appliances up to a generator will help prevent you from losing hundreds of dollars worth of food during hurricane season.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a home generator system or you’d like to have one installed on your property, chat to our team members today. We look forward to providing you with a reliable backup power solution for your home.

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