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Commercial Electrician Companies – What Separates the Good from the Bad?

Hiring a commercial electrician is something that should not be taken lightly – any mistakes made could have disastrous effects down the line. Below are some aspects to look for when searching for a commercial electrician.


Commercial electrical installations are often far more complex than those performed on residential properties, meaning that it’s crucial to work with an electrician who is sufficiently experienced in this field. As such, it’s recommended that you work with an electrician who has more than three years’ experience with performing commercial installations and repairs.

24 Hour Standby Service

Many commercial premises, especially production lines, operate on a 24/7 basis, so it’s crucial to ensure that the electrician you choose is willing to offer an after hours standby service option. After all, businesses that operate constantly cannot afford to have any more downtime than absolutely necessary if a breakdown occurs.

Current Certification

Before allowing a commercial electrician to start work on your property, it’s essential to check that the yare suitably qualified and that their qualifications, licenses and insurance policies are up to date. If an electrician cannot produce any of these documents, it’s recommended that you hire someone else instead.


Tools and equipment needed to perform commercial electrical installations often differs to that required for residential projects. Always inquire to confirm that the electrician you’re considering working with has the correct tools and equipment to get the job done properly.

Ensuring that a commercial electrician is appropriately qualified, licensed and insured will help ensure that projects are completed quickly, professionally and according to safety and industry standards.  If you’d like to hire a commercial electrician to perform work on your property, our team will be able to assist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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